Has Christian gone crazy giving away a FREE Trip ?? This promotion is not an April Fool joke (even though it is being launched on April 1st weekend)

Here’s the deal:  Christian has made a commitment to his Empowered Lifestyle team, upline sponsor and David Wood to bring in 25 people by April 19th (this is when the Empower Network event in Chicago is being held)

This contest is no April Fools joke!

Asked why he was doing this promotion, here’s Christian’s response:

I want to get people to experience a live event, maybe some people out there have never had the opportunity to attend an event where 5000 will be and get the vibes and energy created in those rooms and see people on stage receiving huge checks – this really motivates people..  There’s no I in team, this is a TEAM building event as well and Network Marketing is about teamwork!

Here’s the deal:

Signup with Christian in Empower Network for $25 and email your receipt here and he’ll put your $25 back into your ewallet so it didn’t cost you anything to join.

Everyone that signs up until April 5th (when the promo ends) will be entered into the draw to win the All-inclusive trip to Chicago *see rules here to get your ticket to the Event

Live Event – Chicago – April 19th – 21st, 2013

The most respected leaders and top earners in Empower Network like Tony Rush, Nicole Cooper, Laura Parrish, Lawrence Tram, Tracey Walker, Chris Record and many, many others will be there along with the founders David Wood and Dave Sharpe that you see in picture above.

Hurry, this offer may be taken down at anytime, when we reach the 25 person goal – even if it’s on  April Fool’s day! The goal is not to “Get Money” it is merely the outcome

As I’m listening to Dave Sharpe share with us tonight on the call, I’m getting some insight more on this business and my business.

If you really want to make some money, you’re going to have to work hard – really hard to make your business profitable or to really make a lot of money – like I mean, over $5k per month.

NO one will build your business for you, the truth of the matter is – to listen to someone else is a little uncomfortable.

Sometimes you have to disconnect and let someone else do the thinking for you – so you can focus on you and your goals so you can achieve what you want.

My team and I can help you achieve success if you want to really drive your business to the top.

For me, it all came from a decision to get out of my comfort zone.

It’s important for me to go to the next event in Chicago in April to chat and get to know like-minded people and learn a lot and share with others what works in my business.

By learning what works for others in their business, will help me to apply it in my  business.

Justin Verrengia came on the line as the guest speaker, he’s in second spot in the contest this month.

I am always inspired by hearing Justin’s story and message – what I got out of it is: Get ALL IN and attend the events and follow the core principles.

Laura Parrish was the next guest speaker and is #1 in the contest. Laura just had her first 5 figure week!!!  wow! that’s amazing to get this in her business just 6 months after getting into Empower Network. She has tried a few businesses before getting into Empower Network and they didn’t work.

A Question she was asked was:  “What advice would you give a newbie?” and Laura replied with “GO ALL IN”  – Why?  Because you are able to profit from the high ticket items much quicker and earn more money.

She wasn’t focusing on Empower Network and working it Part Time – and she was surprised that she was in the top 50 in a contest and was so surprised. There is no magic formula in this business. I know that my Empowered Lifestyle will work for me and I’m focused and have a vision and know where I want to be in 9 months from now in my business. Join me in this venture and change your life,


- Team Empowered Lifestyle

The Power of Conviction

So what is it that gives you that eye of the tiger that makes people’s wallets open up to give you their credit card.

It is the power of belief.

It is the power of conviction.

As far as the Empower Network is concerned, David Sharpe said it best when he shared this simple success tip…
Get all in because when you talk to somebody, it will change the way that you communicate to them.”
Being “All In” is more than when you have made the financial decision to buy all of the products and to attend the events.

You being “All In” is emotional.

You being “All In” is belief.

You being “All In” is conviction.

You being “All In” is power.

The message today is kind of for people that are already “In” the Empower Network, but it will relate to you no matter what your course and intention is for your life.  You have to emotionally commit to something, ‘draw the line,’ and cross it to achieve anything in life.

Your business will change when you have made the decision to get “All In…”



AND through your daily actions.

Getting pumped up and yelling, “I am going to get into shape!” is not going to get you anywhere.

You will get into shape when you “Get All In” and exercise daily, eat healthy, and consult with people that are in better shape than you.

“Weird,” that is the same way that you will make money with the Empower Network.

Get All InI know there are a few people that feel as though they can’t come up with the money.  I was talking to a guy on my team the other day that told me that he used to have a drug addiction, and when he did, he would “magically” be able to come up with the money every single day to get his drugs and get high.

When you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

If you are “In” and you are not “All In” then make a decision that you are going to find a way to make it happen.

Write down 50 ways that you could come up with the money, and command the universe and your subconscious mind to make it happen.

Set a fixed date that you are going to make it happen by, and work to make it happen like you need to get a drug fix(legally of course).

Follow The 8 Core CommitmentsIn the meantime, follow the 8 core commitments.  You should already have your affiliate account set up, so really, there are 7…


Market DAILY…

New member coaching…

Be on the weekly calls…

Listen to DAILY audios…


Attend the events…

(those are the 8 core commitments in case you didn’t know

If you are in at the $25 viral blogging membership level, you can do all of those things.  You should have the inner circle and be listening to those daily, but let’s say that for whatever reason you don’t have them…

The weekly calls play on replay in the back office, and you can download them(sometimes one browser or another doesn’t have the download option, so you might have to check a couple).  Download it every single week, and replay it every day that week if that is all you have…

…by week 2, you will now have two audios, by week 3, you will have 3 and so on…

There are no excuses that can be made about listening to audios.  Your local library also has some great stuff by people like Tony Robbins, etc.

I could get into every single one of the commitments and explain why there are NO excuses for you not to follow them.

IMPORTANT: as you follow the 8 core commitments, you will begin to transform, and you will find the way to get “All In.”  It all starts with transforming yourself and having an identity shift.  The 8 core commitments are designed to help you do this.

Make the decision to get “All In” in every sense of the word, believe and know that you can, stop with the “Voodoo Bullshit,” get the eye of the tiger, and do whatever it takes to have the success that you desire.

No excuses, PERIOD.

Don’t be a wussy.

Just do it.

When you want it bad enough, you will find a way.

I’ll see you in Chicago,

-Aki Wood
“All In”

The Message Is Consistent

Those of you that have been following these episodes, and the Empower Network movement, or even what David Wood has been saying for the last couple of years online, the message has been completely consistent.

“Focus your energy for 90 days to have a breakthrough.”

David Sharpe goes on as he is talking to the this team, and gives the recipe for both success and failure to the members of this team…

Listen to anything and everything that [your team leaders] tell you to do.

When you come into a new environment, you listen to the people that came before you.

If I walk into a damn accountant’s office, and start telling him how to do his job, that’s going to guarantee me two things:

1. Him to say, “You are an asshole.”
2. For me to fail at accounting.

I would say that would probably guarantee a third thing, and that would be the IRS having a field day in an audit.

When someone that knows what they are doing is telling you what to do, so long as they don’t have evil motives in mind, they are saying it to help you.

Your team leaders in the Empower Network are going to tell you things that will help you, because they will succeed more by helping you get the success that you desire.

It just makes sense, doesn’t it?

Guys, I’m telling you, if you want success, you need to just follow these guys direction, and do it for three months.  Once you are on stage, I’m going to tell you you can do your own thing, but here’s what you are really going to do…

You are going to turn back to those guys, and you are going to look them in the eyes, and you are going to thank them, and then you are going to go do it with somebody else, and they are going to look you in your eyes, and they are going to thank YOU, and you are going to realize the REAL power of TEAM.

There are a lot of great teams inside the Empower Network, and your team wants you to have success.


We are a MOVEMENT.

When you get to the event in Chicago, you will realize that.

If you still need to make the decision to join, you can do that here.

Once you have done that, log into your back office, and do what David Sharpe told those that were at the last event to do:

Get to Chicago”

We’ll see you there,

I Love Music
Most of you listening to this probably love music too. There are a few of you
that might not. My dad didn’t like music very much. Instead of listening to
music when we drove in the car with him, he would be playing Amway tapes, or
talks from the Mormon church.

In High School, I used to sneak into the car at night, turn the radio up to
full blast, and find a station that had music on just so I could see the look on
Dad’s face when he turned the key(don’t tell him though, let’s just keep that
between the two of us).

As you read this post, you may find yourself thinking back to a band that you
used to listen to. Maybe your parents didn’t like it for one reason or another.
If you come from my genre, you may even recognize the title of this post and
realize that today I have put a different spin on the spiral.

Deeper Down The Upward Spiral
This is one of those videos that some will watch several times and it might
mean nothing to them…

…at the MOMENT.

Yet there might be a moment years from now, where what you just learned
popped into your head, that gives you the ability to lead thousands.

This Video is Powerful
This video is so powerful, and covers so many important points, that rather
than trying to paraphrase it like I normally do, I am going to tell you to
watch it at least 5 times.

You will understand as you listen to the words.
It starts off with a story that my brother tells that is deeper than it is on
the surface.  The principle behind it is “Speed of Implementation.” 
Successful people act quickly with new information.

There is even more to it than that; as you watch it, you will see.

David Sharpe doubles back and hammers the point on how “You Need To

Listen to his words and you will see.

Then you will hear the amazing story of Kris and Jessica Darty, and the power

Some of these concepts might not fully sink in, unless you had a dad that
turned off the music and listened to Amway tapes every time that you drove

That is why you will watch this video 5 times.

Then you will begin to see…

That you can do this.

It is easier than you think it is.

 You will learn more than you think you are.

Then, there will come a magic moment when it all falls into place, and you
will live the moment that David Sharpe lived on stage when he brought his family
up and could finally say…

Everything that I have done is worth it”

As you are reading this post, you can make a decision to become a part of our

You can decide to take daily actions that will lead you further down the
upward spiral.

You can become.

Watch this video now, and
realize that you can do it just like they have done it.

If you’ve already done that, then it is time to make the decision and

You’re consciousness will split off to try to protect you, and will create this little voice that argues with everything, because it is just trying to keep you safe from something that you believe is trying to hurt you. ”

-David Wood

You’re Brain Wants The Best For You It’s true. 
Our minds just want the best for us.  The problem can be sometimes that our subconscious, which controls most of our actions, sometimes tries to protect us from that which is good.

You can think of it kind of like an overprotective parent.

The brilliant part is that you can change its mind very quickly if you can help it to realize that what you are doing is actually the best thing for you.

I’m not a hypnotherapist, so I’m not going to take it much further than that.  What I will say, and what I have seen and experienced, is that you literally have the power within you to change instantly.

You can become whatever you want.

You can do it NOW.

Change literally happens in a single instant.  It may take a small amount of time for that change to manifest and become apparent, but the change itself is virtually instantaneous.

You may find yourself changing right now.

Did you know that money is neither good nor evil?

Money is simply energy.

It is the choice of the wielder of that energy as to what they will use it for.

…or in slightly simpler terms, you can make a lot of money and be a bigger force for good in the world than if you don’t.  Money in and of itself is simply a magnifier.  It is nothing more, and nothing less.

I once heard a wise person say:
"All money does is take whoever you are and make it bigger.  If you are an asshole, you are just going to be a bigger asshole.  If you’ve got a good heart, it is going to get bigger, and you’ll be able to do more good.”

Doesn’t it just make sense to focus on becoming greater people through personal development, and then making tons of money so we can become a greater force for good in the world?

Of course it makes sense.

It makes sense because it is what we are doing.

It is the reason that we are more than just a business.

It is why we are a movement.

Congratulations, you are finally in the right place at the right time, with the right people there to help you.

You will find the truth in this video here.

Welcome to the Empower Network.

“Pura Vida” my friend,
Christian Daoust

P.S. After you decide to join, text “Bad Ass” to 72727 to get daily motivational updates, inspiration, and humor.  You must first decide to become a member to receive these updates.
"You start following our system, and it will create results.  and then
you start talking to your team.  Some people wonder why their team doesn’t
listen to them.  Well, its because they are not doing what we say to do, so
of course they’re not because they aren’t getting any results.

If you are getting results, and your doing some crazy thing, and we’re
telling you to do this, you are contradicting what somebody more powerful and
wealthy is telling you to do, so of course they aren’t going to listen to you,
and we can’t edify you because you aren’t following what we are telling you to

-David Wood

This is the “Secret”
Everyone always wants to know the “secret.”  They want to know the “how  to.”

Step 1: Get in.  You can do that  here.

Step 2: Follow the 8 core commitments, focus on getting 2 sales per day.

Step 3: Tell others to do the same thing until you are
having enough results that your team will listen to you.

The 8 core commitments, are ambiguous for a reason.  There are several
different ‘technical skills’ that you can use to implement them.  You can
use your own talent and personality to find the best format that will work for

What happens is that your income keeps going up from saying the same
thing.  Then, more people believe.  Then, somebody will start doing
it.  When you are consistent all the time with the same message, then
people will start replicating the message. If you’re all over the place, they
won’t.  They’ll jump from thing to thing and go to new deals.

But if you are consistent all the time, if you say the same thing all the
time, and you’re just consistent all the time, and you find new creative ways of
doing it, you’re team starts listening to it. All it takes is one person taking
off, and you’re income will grow from one third to double.

Then all of a sudden, you say, “I’m just getting two per day, I’m following
these steps, I’m booked into the next event, and I just had my first $30,000

Then people are like, “You’re fucking kidding me.”

And then at the event we are edifying you on stage, and that gives you social
power that you need to make your life easy.

It’s like a phase of growth.

What happens is that then you’re team sees you.  You are following the
system and doing what we say to do.  It’s producing results for you the
same way that it is producing results for Tony, and they are looking at you and
asking what to do, and they say, “What did you do?”

You say, “I just did what they said to do.”

They say, “You’re kidding me.”

Then you’re team will start falling into line.

That’s when you take off.

-David Wood

More on the “Secret”

 The secret is that there is no secret.  YOU are the secret.  We
gave you the ‘secret’ when you signed up, and you got the 8 core

You must believe that it will work, and then go out there and make it

The evidence that it works, and has worked for others, and is still working
is clear, and irrefutable.  You just need to believe that it will work for
you, and be willing to do what it takes to drive traffic to the offer.

Begin your journey here…

Let’s go out there and kick some butt,

‘Someone that believes YOU can do it’


Watch it Again!

This is a video that most people in the network marketing and direct sales industry need to watch over and over again until they get the message.

The concept of posture and mentoring people is usually misunderstood in this niche.

This video has the advice that 99% of people in this niche need to hear, and understand.  I recommend watching this video a few times, and then reading this transcription of David’s words.

The Truth About Posture and Mentoring

You need to focus on your production for now. Please guys, don’t get in the trap of trying to mentor everybody.

There are phases.  Step one is produce.

You produce until you are making at least $30,000 per month, before you try to help anybody, because if you help them, you are actually screwing them up.

If you don’t produce and try to help everybody, what happens is you try to help them, and what you are telling them is don’t produce, just go help everybody.

If you produce, you start making really good money.  What happens is you get scarce.  You get scarce because everybody wants your time, and you can’t spend time with all of them, so then you can give them requirements to be around you.

That’s real posture.

In network marketing, they are like, “You need to have recruiting posture.”  It’s hard to fake.  If you fake posture, what happens is that people see right through it.  They do, they see right through it.

But, if you get two people a day, you become scarce in two months, and people will hunt you down faster than you can keep up.

When that happens and somebody says they want to spend time with you, you say, “Buy all the products first.”

“But I want to talk to you.”

“You’re not in, why do you want to talk to me?”

“Because I want to think about getting in.”

“It’s 25 bucks, if you don’t get in, I won’t talk to you.”

Send them a text or a Facebook message, and they’ll just join.

Becoming scarce gives you power.  Confidence is created from results.  I wasn’t really that confident. 
I just knew that I could produce if I focused and worked my ass off.  I got a lot of people to sales stuff and it worked.

You don’t need to be confident to produce results.  You need to take action. 
You need to believe that it will work and take action.

Confidence has nothing to do with it, a good sales process and traffic does.

Make Money and Have a Life There is a reason that the message in the Empower Network is to focus on getting two $25 sales per day, and follow the 8 core commitments.

The reason is that it works, and it is what you need to be doing.

That’s where big checks like this come from.

A lot of people think they want a sponsor that will hold their hand every step of the way.  That is the exact opposite of what you want.

If your sponsor holds your hand, you will think you need to hold everyone’s hand that you bring in.  If you spend all of your time helping everyone, you have no life, and you are teaching other people to have no life.

Stop screwing people up.

The goal is to make money and have a life, not be a slave to tire kickers.  Most technical support can be figured out through a google or youtube search.  If that doesn’t give you the answer that you are looking for, click on the “support desk” link at the bottom of every page, log in with your username and password, and submit a ticket.

If you aren’t in yet, just click here, watch the video, and get in.  It is only $25 to get the blogging system. 
Just get in.  We want you to make money and have a life.

You can join without asking your wife or husband.  Kevin Knecht joined without telling his wife, and they went from being bankrupt to a six figure income.  You can join without asking someone questions because that is how you want people to join you.

Just go watch the video and join.

Welcome to the movement.

wow, I think am getting so focused and more and more motivated on a daily
basis to bring more traffic   to my blog, other websites, landing pages, free methods, etc...

Just arrived to Huatulco, Mexico yesterday and am here on a workation for 10
days. It is awesome that this business gives me the ability to work  from
anywhere (and I do that 2-3 hours per day) driving traffic
to different sites all over the world :)

I know that this works because I have seen the results - so much
traffic  available all over the internet - with over 2 Billion users!!

Read this: globally the number of mobile internet users
should reach 2.1 billion in 2013  overtaking the number of users of fixed
Internet (1.9 billion).
  Source: (IDATE)

I started running an ad on Jumptap (my preferred source for targeted  mobile
advertising) this morning. I place an ad last night that got  approved and
started running this morning and got 100 leads. There is an unlimited source of
traffic on mobile devices (android, ipad, iphones and blackberries) that just  blows my
mind how quickly I get results compared to free methods or  getting CPC traffic
on the likes of Google, Bing, Plenty of Fish, Ad  co-ops or many other email
exchanges or traffic exchanges.

I am so glad that I have joined Empower Network and earning passive income and
this is what I have been looking for  many years - no other MLM business can
provide a 60-90 plan what  traditional MLM businesses. As long as I send
traffic  to my squeeze pages, clients will continue to come into my business and I will
get residual income for as long as they remain a customer.

I was thinking this morning that I will start doing a VLOG instead of
  blogging because it is just so easier for me to talk than to type all I  am
thinking and it will probably drive a lot more traffic  to my blog.

I love what I do and I have so much passion for it. Helping people  everyday
attaining their true potential and realizing their dreams!  I  do not nor
to I have the time to help out those that are just starting  and are at the
basic level. If you work this business and do what you  need to do on a daily
basis, you will attain your goals, get the traffic  you need to reach the income level
you have set for yourself.

 To OUR success,Christian

Matt Damon just made a press conference as the co-founder of  water.org.

 He goes on to talk about World Toilet Day on  November 19th and how the
toilet is the invention that has saved the most lives in the history of  humankind.

2.5 Billion people (almost ½ the population on earth) lack access  to a toilet, there are 5.3 Billion cell phones (more than the amount of people  on earth!)

 So Matt Damon goes on strike to protest the Water problem we have  in the world and will not go to the bathroom until It’s resolved.  Therefore a very humorous approach to bring light to this global problem  that we are facing.

 Make your voice heard online through Water Day, March 22,  2013

For those on Instagram, you can show your support with hashtag  #STRIKEWITHME.

 I find this really good that Matt Damon is doing this and taking  a stand for the water crisis and I am fully supporting this

 The problem  is enormous but we can make a difference. One in eight people don't have safe  water meaning each morning they scavenge to survive. Lack of safe water and  sanitation impacts a family's health, keeps children from getting an ducation,  and traps millions in a cycle of  poverty.

For only  $25 Water.org can get someone safe water for life. Water.org has been helping  people get sustainable solutions for over twenty years. We can make a difference  in the world and together we can help change someone's  life.

So far, $46,432 has been raised with this suggested donation of  $25.

  There are move videos being created and  added to the www.strikewithme.org

I’ve often travelled around the world and have seen the effects  that some countries have not having access to fresh potable water and I can’t  imagine living in that kind of situation. I am so grateful and fortunate in Canada for what we have and feel for those that have that struggle on a daily  basis.

Here’s what I’m doing to  help out the cause:

For every person that joins me in Empower Network  between now and March 22nd, 2013,  I will donate $25 to this great cause water.org.